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Reginald Beason

Reginald Beason

Case Design Specialist/Financial Representative

Reginald Beason, better known as Reg, is our new Case Design Specialist, as well as an insurance agent and Registered Representative, Equity Services, Inc .  Reg got into the insurance and securities business in 2018.  He chose this career path because he enjoys educating clients with the knowledge they need to make smart and informed decisions about their financial futures. Reginald focuses his practice on helping everyone, working with clients both big and small, whether they are starting their financial journey or planning their retirement.

Reg has been a ballroom dance instructor since 2006, so he understands the importance of educating people in ways that they understand best. He teaches swing, hip-hop and ballroom dancing but his favorite is West Coast Swing.  He has always enjoyed being able to help others with the goals that they want to achieve, by creating step-by-step plans of how to reach them and giving them the knowledge to help themselves. This is the experience and approach he brings to everyone he helps.

Reg was born and raised in Alpharetta and when he isn't working, he enjoys playing chess, drawing and cooking.

Reginald Beason is a Registered Representative of Equity Services, Inc. and offers securities in the following states: GA.  He is also insurance licensed in GA.