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Values-Based Financial Planning

Values-Based Financial Planning

We use the financial planning pyramid as a guide to help us uncover what matters most to you. Whether you value paying for your children's college, retiring early, or leaving a legacy, we collaborate with you to design and implement the right strategies.

Financial planning can be offered solely by investment adviser representatives of Equity Services, Inc.

Six Steps To Financial Success

We take you through these six steps to develop an understanding of your values and what financial planning means to you. That enables us to develop strategies designed to build your legacy, and ensure your legacy lives on long after you.


The first step is to introduce you to our company, the services that we provide, and explain how these services work.


What parts of the financial planning pyramid are most important to you? What do you truly value? We will discover your values and then begin to gather the information necessary to help develop an action plan for you.


We take the information you provide and design recommendations that are aligned with your values and priorities.


Together, we collaborate with you on your recommendations to ensure that you understand them and feel confident that you can make informed decisions.


Once you’ve made decisions about which recommendations you would like to use, we may help you implement your plan, coordinating the whole process to include other professionals such as attorneys or CPAs if necessary.


We decide on how best to monitor progress towards your goals, meeting periodically to determine if any adjustments need to be made.

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