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Ap • o • gee / apəjē: The highest point of achievement

Get Your Identity Back

Apogee Financial Partners is a place to grow your business and bring your intentions to action. We give you a foothold, a place to belong, and your identity back. You get to be yourself because everyone is different. No one tries to change you. We realize you are not a corporation; you have a clientele and a practice.

Managing Your Time

The responsiveness of our long-standing staff allows you to be efficient with business activities so you are not wasting time figuring out who to call for what. We cut through red tape to get answers. We help you refine your practice efficiencies so you can manage your business activities alongside your family commitments.

Mutual Accountability

Conversations with leadership allow you to be candid and feel at ease addressing issues that affect your business. We are solution-oriented as opposed to disciplinary, so you can feel safe discussing decisions. There is accountability by both parties because we invest in both parties. It is a comfort level you don’t get everywhere else. You can talk about anything.

Creative Minds

We are privileged to have creative minds among our advisors and staff that few others have or are willing to share. The benefit to you is exposure to new ideas and honing your management skills. We help you push yourself to develop the business you want and envision.

A Larger Community

We believe in giving back, not to generate business, but for its own sake. It is about charting a path for shared growth and partnership we can all be proud of.

Meet Four People Who've Found Their Identity With Us

New To The Business

Amarlo Herrera went from making an impact on the football field to helping others with products that protect what matters most: the people in our lives.

Learn how we support people like Amarlo transition to a career in financial services.

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Experienced Associates

Hugh Hale took his practice to another level by leveraging National Life Group's resources and flexibility.

Learn how we support experienced financial professionals like Hugh transition their practice.

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Women In Financial Services

Debbie Dorman has focused her efforts around helping women start over after divorce or the death of a spouse. 

Learn how advisors like Debbie find their passion and their purpose with us.

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Life After The Military

Leon Kearse traded in his Army fatigues for a suit, and a career in financial services serving others.

Learn why veterans transitioning from military service to financial services make exceptional advisors.

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Connect Your Purpose And Passion

We are looking for people who embody our core values and want to connect their purpose and passion for improving the lives of themselves and others. We look for these in every person we invite to join Apogee Financial Partners.

Personal Responsibility

Do you take ownership of situations?

Willingness To Change

Are you someone who seeks out mentoring relationships?


Do you have an abundance mentality?


Are you constantly seeking to improve your mind, body, spirit and family?

Entrepeneurial Spirit

Do you think like a business owner?

Historical Legacy

We are an established firm with history, consistency, and integrity. What this means to you is the support of a loyal, tenured staff who knows the right answers. You can have peace of mind that the tough things are handled the right way. It is stability that many firms are missing.

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Become A Part Of Our Community Of Financial Associates

This industry can have its ups and downs, but we give you a place to be you. You have the flexibility and support of your co-workers which allows you to share ideas and leverage scale. The real benefit is the belief that you can build a significant business and achieve professional milestones for you and your clients.

Find Your Identity

As a new financial associate, you give clients a sense of order, peace, and comfort in their financial lives. You gain a personal sense of restoration and fulfillment by helping clients finish strong.

As a member of Apogee Financial Partners, you get to realize the dream of becoming something bigger than yourself. Our associates make a difference in the lives of those around them and in their community.

Learn more about our New Associate Training Program by sending us a message below.

Get Your Identity Back

As an experienced financial associate, your role is to help make your clients’ financial worries your own and give them better peace of mind. Every client is to be served, which takes time. We help you grow your practice and look at your behaviors and opportunities to reach better levels. You have the freedom to modify the type of business and revenue you want so that you can focus on building more client relationships and elevated experiences.

Learn more about our Experienced Associate Financing Plan by sending us a message below.

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